5 tech clues that give away cheating

cheating techSpot A Cheater Using Tech

Cheating technology popularity

Cheating has been around as long as dating has, but that doesn’t make it acceptable, especially if you didn’t agree to being in an open relationship. Funny enough, since the advancement of technology cheating has gained a lot more popularity than ever before. The reason behind the rise in cheating is technology, and this is because technology makes cheating so incredibly easy. Instead of actually having to go out and meet someone who you aren’t married to, you can literally chat with singles all around Dubbo with minimal effort. Knowing this, many cheaters are now using technology as a means to hook-up behind their partner’s backs.

Catch a cheater using tech: Their cell phone has your answer in it

Funny enough, the main way to catch a cheater is by using tech. Using technology to catch a cheater works extremely well, and this is due to the fact that cheaters are using technology to cheat and leaving behind a trail. If a cheater has downloaded a dating app onto their phone, the app will send them emails and notifications. So in order to catch your partner cheating, all you would need to do is either look at the deleted section of their e-mail, look at their latest downloads on their app store, or simply read through the text messages on their phone. If you suspect that your partner is cheating but cannot catch them by using tech, read our guide on spy gear to catch cheaters and find out how you can take tech to the next level.

How tech can betray cheaters: Their online history is your friend

When you live with someone, it is very easy to get your hands on their technology. Sure, you might feel bad about looking through their things, but if you have a valid reason behind it (like cheating) you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself. If you’re able to go through their laptop’s history, you might learn how tech can betray cheaters. Tech betrays cheaters because you can always use their devices against them. By looking through their online history you can see what sites they visited, who they messaged, and pretty much everything they’ve been doing.

Cheating tech clues: Why having a password is a giveaway

Most happy couples don’t feel the need to hide things from each other, especially something as unimportant as a password. If your girlfriend or boyfriend isn’t allowed to touch your phone ( even to look at the time), you are probably cheating on them or doing something wrong. There are a lot of cheating tech clues people can pick up on without actually going through their partner’s things. If your lover gets mad and antsy everything you touch their tech, they might have some incriminating information on there.

Using the iPhone tracking app to catch cheaters

When two people have an Iphone, they can download as app that allows them to see where the other one is at. So let’s say I am in Dubbo and want to see how farway my partner is from home, I can search them up on a map. Most people need to download the app and consent to it first, but if you’re sneaky enough you can download it on their phone and make it go unnoticed. If you want to learn more about tracking your partner, read our guide on using a GPS tracker to catch a cheater.